La Mansión

    La Mansión, the most equipped and only world-class studio in Latin America was designed by Malvicino and is situated on a hilltop in one of Monterrey’s most active suburbs overlooking the city and providing breathtaking views of the mountains and located near five star hotels and shopping centers. La Mansión Recording Studios has four deluxe hotel rooms, kitchen and dinning room, private offices for our clients, plus an entertainment area with a home theater.
  • The whole facility is surrounded by lush gardens in a secured compound. La Mansión has produced one of the finest studios, incorporating technology with fine details such as handlaid marble, salam wood floors (Mexican tropical wood) and mahogany-lined walls throughout the area. These state of thea-art studios, located near The Obispado (The Bishop’s Palace), have been created from the ground up providing the latest in built-in technology and consists of three control rooms and studios.
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